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More specifically, we’re Tony,  innovation director + motorcycle guru; Tyson,  design integrator + rap listener; and Mara,  digital designer + skeptic.

More specifically, we're

, innovation director + motorcycle guru;
Tyson, design integrator + rap listener;
Mara, digital designer + skeptic.
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You are Jeff Bezos

A choose-your-own-adventure to pick Amazon HQ2’s location

Story With the list down to 20 areas, find out where you would build Amazon HQ2 if you were in charge of the company

Challenge To distill a wide set of data into an engaging game, create an individualized experience from start to finish

Highlights Dynamic ordering of story; Sleuth avatar; Algorithm-powered result

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Into the Shadow of Wind Farms

An investigation with interactivity

Story How the wind industry angers landowners and divides communities in pursuit of billions of dollars in subsidies and other incentives

Challenge To bring a complicated and personal narrative to life with new, hand-built digital tools

Highlights Introduction; Simulation; Data visualization; Story queue tool

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Stuck in Time

A visual journal of destruction and resilience

Story 40 days after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, Daytona Beach News-Journal journalists spent five days in the remote mountain region

Challenge Build a visualization of the island’s reality without depending on huge blocks of text

Highlights Prominent images; Ease of use; Nonlinear storytelling

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A multimedia series released day by day

Story Mark Rine became a firefighter to save people but the job could be what kills him. Rine has cancer. Now, he’s dedicating his time to saving other firefighters from the same fate.

Challenge Tailor a new template for the multimedia and text of each chapter

Highlights First entirely custom 
build from our team

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