Getting started with In-Depth

This documentation is to help Architect users better understand the longform storytelling platform with classic Gannett called In-Depth. Because of its integration with Presto, In-Depth will be the primary longform storytelling platform once a site migrates to the new CMS. Unlike Architect where local newsrooms are building out the project, a team dedicated to In-Depth works with newsrooms to complete the build.

Special project requests are submitted through the form below. A group from the Storytelling Studio, Design Studio, USAT Graphics and DOT meet weekly to review new submissions and discuss the status of ongoing projects.

How much time is needed to complete a build?

Just like Architect, it depends on the project. If the project is a single story, already written, and just needs a nice presentation, an In Depth can often be turned around in a day. As you might expect, the more moving pieces, the more bells and whistles requested or recommended, more time is needed. For larger non-standard projects, the team needs six weeks minimum.

Primary In-Depth contact: Reid Williams |

Project pitch submission form:

In-Depth examples: